About Us

About Us

Maya Gage was founded in 1976.  Maya's customers at that time were the top gage companies in the Detroit Metropolitan area.  The word spread quickly of a high quality jig grinding shop with good delivery and dedicated craftsmen.  As we grew into our new role as a premier, fine precision shop, we became an ISO 9000 facility as well as US Military certified, thus assuring our quality and systems are maintained to provide superior quality and services.

Today Maya Gage manufactures fine precision products to the highest quality using the best gage making talent & equipment, to assure accuracy & repeatability every time.  We also specialize in fixtures, tooling & multiple types of technology for gaging.

And for the first time in Maya's history, November 1, 2017 will mark an expansion & new era!  Maya has opened a corporate office separate from the manufacturing headquarters.  Located only 4 miles from the manufacturing headquarters, it is very convenient & gives Maya the room for further growth!
Esther Beier, President/CEO

Ms. Beier has been the President/CEO of Maya for over 3 years.  Prior to her ownership of the business, Mr. Kim Beier had owned it for over 15 years.  She has been with the company for the entire 15 years and looks forward to the future!  
Ralph Perez, Senior Vice President

Ralph has been with Maya for over 8 years.  All together he has been in the Gaging business for well over 25 years.  He controls Maya's quoting, sales strategies, customer relationship as well as overall management of the facility.
Jeff Beier, Vice President

Jeff has worked in the gaging business for nearly 5 years.  Prior to that experience, he has a business management/marketing degree from Arizona State University.  He is responsible for strategizing revenue growth, efficiency standards & business management.
Steve Yeager, Plant & Quality Manager

Steve has been with Maya for 26 years.  He began his career with the company as a master jig grinder.  After a very quick learning process, it was clear he was slated to do more than jig grind.  Steve manages the work flow in the plant as well as quality standards.
Vic Adams, Director of Engineering

Vic started his career with Maya 25 years ago.  He originally was trained and excelled on Mills & Lathes.  His production value & efficiencies leaped past his peers.  Today Vic is responsible for Maya's design, engineering, assembly of automatic gages and management of workflow in the plant.